Make The Step And Try SHAKEOLOGY Today!

The Delicious Nutrient Dense Green Shake Break-Down

I can’t wait to share with you about this amazing product Shakeology.  Here’s my breakdown review of Shakeology.  Shakeology is a complete weight loss system that includes a the highly nutrient dense delicious tasting shakes in either GreenBerry or Chocolate flavor, two exercise DVDs and an easy well laid out eating plan. When the whole-food shake is taken as directed and a person commits to a balanced diet and consistent exercise, he or she will be able to lose a noticeable amount of weight safely.  Especially when Shakeology is used as a meal replacement shake.  Shakeology certified low-glicemic shakes truly provides your body what it’s starving for and they are delicious!

What Exactly Is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a non-gmo, whole-food, whey protein shake that contains an insane amount of hi-grade nutrients. Low in calories, Shakeology goes right to work and reduces the urges of hunger while providing your body with the nutrients that you truly need.  No other shake on the market today does this.  Most of the alternatives to Shakeology contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame (very dangerous), phenylalanine (very dangerous) and high-fructose corn syrup (very dangerous). There’s more…like what type of protein used and how its derived…this matters!  I will post an in-depth honest breakdown of types of protein used the popular shake products and explain why Shakeology only uses the best non-gmo whey protein.  I know your health is important to you and this is why I am so excited about Shakeology, the perfect meal replacement shake!  The Green Shakes are safe,natural and non-gmo…No bad artificial sweeteners (junk) here.  Many diet plans require that individuals cut back on particular foods and sometimes even entire food groups. This results in dieters not getting the nutrients that they need.  Consequently, they often times feel sluggish and short tempered. They may even have trouble concentrating.  None of these “symptoms” occur with Shakeology! The amazing shakes both the GreenBerry and Chocolate is chock full of nutrients and thus people absolutely will not experience the sluggishness and lack of concentration that this world demands to stay ahead of the game.  Accompany these delicious shakes with a balanced diet; you will be quickly on your way, in a noticeable short time, to a whole healthy body and mind.

Make The Step And Try SHAKEOLOGY Today!

The Shakeology shake can be utilized as a meal replacement for weight-loss or consumed to ensure that a person gets the nutrients that one needs to optimally support their healthy active lifestyle.  As we mentioned above, the green whole-food shakes is one part of the easy Shakeology system.  There is also an amazingly easy well laid out eating plan, recipes included.  The Shakeology solution includes a set of great DVDs, one that is 30 minutes in length and another is 50 minutes.  Beachbody suggests that individuals exercise at least three times a week using the DVDs in order to experience optimal results. I must tell you I easily did it and I feel great.  I have more energy, think clearer, toned my body and absolutely shed the pounds!  I feel like a kid again…what I mean is, I remember when I was a kid I would literally spring out of bed in the morning ready to run and play all day.  Well I’m here to tell you I wake in the morning energized to tackle the world.

Why Do I Need Shakeology?

Shakeology is a good plan for those looking for a green whole-food shake with out having to buy loads of vegetables, etc, and spend the time involved trying to make a green shake that in the end will not be as nutrient dense and delicious as Shakeology shakes.  Beachbody has done their homework and the evidence is quite obvious, Shakeology is a nutrient dense large salad in a glass loaded with the best whey protein!  Shakeology gives this all to you and more is just a matter of a couple of minutes! Where can you get high quality non-gmo green vegetables, aminos, trace minerals, non-gmo whey protein and certified low-glicemic power packed product in a glass?  Only Shakeology provides this to you.  Many diet plans are extremely severe and require that individuals significantly cut back on the types of food that they eat. While weight loss will certainly require persons to eat less of those foods that contain a lot of fat (fast-food), sugar, salt and calories, it is rarely necessary that an individual give up all of those foods.  Shakeology only requires that individuals replace one meal a day (I replace two meals a day) with the patent-pending great tasting shake, consume a balanced diet and minimal exercise. This is a healthy approach to weight loss and one that I know you will be able to embrace, because from the start you begin to feel better and energized.

Make The Step And Try SHAKEOLOGY Today!

What Are The Benefits of Shakeology?

The Shakeology solution has numerous benefits. Individuals who follow the easy plan more than likely find that their cholesterol levels are lowered (my cholesterol lowered in just two days!), and shed those extra pounds and inches that have likely been driving you crazy.

An independent, 90 day study on those who followed the Shakeology plan (participants consumed the shake, exercised three times a week and ate a balanced diet) found that on average, participants lost 10 pounds and 2 inches from their waist. Many also experienced increased levels of energy and improved digestions. Some even saw their bad cholesterol levels decrease by 38%.